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URGENT & TIME SENSITIVE… I NEED YOUR HELP TODAY! For 30 Years I’ve Contributed to the US…but Today That Doesn’t Matter Unless…

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Hi Friends:


After being up all night, many nights this past month, in turmoil about how to ask my friends for help when my life in the US actually does depend on it, is no easy step for me. No kidding and no exaggeration here! 

My whole life I have been afraid to ask for anything! When I was a child I would be severely beaten just for asking! So I learned that asking for help in any way, shape, or form, was an absolute NO! 

Well, today I re-read a message from one of my past mentors about asking directly and confidently (not sure about that part…LOL) for what we want, and thought, “It’s now or (literally) never! I lost my son, my home and my business – and now me???? No, the buck has to stop somewhere before I’m history and have not left the legacy I was here to create and leave! 

So, I’ll try to keep this somewhat brief (not my forte) – and so appreciate any time you spend reading my message. 

Right now, my status in the US depends to a large extent on getting a major independent publisher this month. 

You see, I was here legally for 20 years and then my world turned upside down 10+ years ago. The customs officer (who spoke very little English!) at the time declined the renewal of my TN visa (which I had had for 20 years!). Hence the immigration nightmare began. 

And it has significantly escalated due to the implementation of the new ID’s in the US. At this point, I can’t even book a flight within the US without the new ID. I know because I tried – I was to attend a wedding in NY this past weekend and was refused the fight without the New ID, which is only given to American citizens and green card carriers.

I have also had to re-apply for my Canadian status, since my file has been dormant for much of the 30+ years that I have been living and working (until 4 years ago when a block was placed on my SSN) in the US – and it will take at least 12 – 18 months for my Canadian status to be processed and in effect. Don’t ask me why…that’s government bureaucracy for you! 

Beyond my own somewhat dire personal situation, I also have a huge mission to reduce stress-related illnesses and suicides locally, nationally and globally. The focus is on our youth (suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in 10 – 24 year-olds), our returning vets (26 suicides a day) and burned-out healthcare providers (especially dentists with the highest suicide rate among professionals, with lawyers a close second). 

So, I’m involved in a Crowdfunding Campaign this month. And it is a very short window of time during which I must achieve a massive goal. Sadly many who have committed to one of the Bonus packages have not yet done so – and November 7th will be upon us before we know it. 

This is how it works: If I get more than 1000 pre-orders for my book, I will get a high-level publisher to publish this book. And that will lend the tremendous credibility necessary, as well as indicate true merit for my work in the health arena, in order to apply for a green card.

Apart from setting me apart from the vast sea of self-published authors out there today, it will significantly increase the possibility of my being accepted as a legal immigrant/eventually citizen within the US. Because I have been here legally (for 20 years) before, it apparently puts me in good stead for serious consideration. 

And, according to the attorneys I have consulted with, this is what is needed in order for me to regain my status in this country that I love! And that I have contributed to for more than 30 years, in every sense of the word! 

But I must have up-to-date credibility – versus relying on the significant amount of credibility created in the past which was of course based on merit. And the past merit will also be considered though with less weight. But much more recent “merit” is required to seal the deal.

And to my credit (according to the attorneys I have spoken with at length), I have never collected welfare, unemployment, food stamps or any other handouts. So I apparently would be considered a contributing benefit, versus a liability, to the wellbeing and the welfare of the US. 

I’m not asking for a handout here. What we have created with this Publishizer Crowdfunding Campaign is a win/win for anyone who pre-orders – whether it be one copy or multiple. copies. Of course, the really cool perks and bonuses are significantly larger with the larger bonus packages.

You can check out all of the facts and bonuses about this Campaign at  

If you’re on a computer, the bonuses column is on the right-hand side of the page. On a phone, you have to scroll down to the bonuses section. 

What several people have committed to doing is ordering a bonus package of 5, 10 or 12 books, for the bonuses of course. And then donating the books to a charity of their choice, such as a high school or college library where suicides are increasing at a tremendous rate. Or to the library at a VA branch or an American Legion Branch, for returning veterans. Or to any other charity of their choice.

Just tell us and we’ll make sure it happens. And, we’ll make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes once the books are delivered to that charity. 

Others are simply planning to get them for their stressed-out family members and friends. And who isn’t experiencing some stress these days? So this book is extremely timely as it is filled with lots of great 5-minute processes, strategies, tips, and ideas for transforming our stresses into successes! See the image at the bottom of this page with the Stress Facts compiled by the American Institute of Stress.

By the way, I can also provide the Bonus “Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner & Learn” Live Presentation (5th Bonus Package down the page) for groups of realtors or real estate offices, law firms, dental offices, high school, college and university classes, hospitals. medical clinics and any other stressed-out groups of students, entrepreneurs or professionals! 

The link for the information is (and please watch the video at the top and the newest ones added under the UPDATES tab further down the page):

Let me know if you have any questions. Or can’t understand what the heck I’m talking about. (310) 488-1905.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message…and for stopping by my Publishizer page. 

Much Love and Many Hugs!


PS: In case you have any problems with the pretty link above, the direct link is:

PPS: With stress increasing in all of our lives at an alarming rate, this book will make a great gift for your stressed-out friends, family members, students, returning vets, and/or team members!

Note: “75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month and nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year.” ~ American Psychological Association. (See attached image for global statistics)